The Elixir Difference

Elixir Health Public Relations delivers the right mix of strategic life science communications that create powerful chemistry with key stakeholders, advancing our clients’ communications and, ultimately, their business goals.

What differentiates Elixir Health in the public relations space is a nimble and adaptable boutique structure that is laser-focused on the healthcare industry. Our approach brings together a high level of scientific, corporate and marketing expertise, enabling us to rapidly and firmly grasp business objectives and strategic communications needs, and to seamlessly partner with clients in order to achieve meaningful results.

Understanding the healthcare industry and science is fundamental. However, creating strong chemistry depends upon a deep and nuanced understanding of stakeholder attitudes and channels, along with behaviors and communications needs.

Based upon the extensive experience we have across all major healthcare categories – in concert with various forms of qualitative and quantitative research – we are able to define the most effective communications strategies to engage, educate and activate target audiences.

We started Elixir Health Public Relations because we are passionate about science and the media. That passion extends to our clients’ businesses and results in gold-standard communications that help drive value for companies, franchises, brands and services.